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Before the last day of Christmas

We’ve made a list, we’ve checked it twice. Here are 4 tips for keeping your organisational data safe while you’re away enjoying the Summer break.

Delivery Scams – To ensure your data remains safe over the holiday period, we recommend making your staff aware that this is a high-risk period for email scams. Advise staff to take care during this period, particularly around emails advising courier deliveries. Employees should avoid clicking links. Instead, they should manually access courier websites for updates. For more details around understanding, delivery scams refer to the netsafe article.

Backup peace of mind

Back Ups – Cybercriminals are now targeting backups, so consider implementing immutable backup to prevent hackers from encrypting your backup data and holding you for ransom. Immutable backups cannot be altered, changed, or encrypted. This means your backups are safe, and hackers are unable to hold you to ransom, disrupting your business, causing unplanned downtime and incurring unexpected costs to your business. Book a time to discuss your options

Remote Access – We know you try not to work over the break, but if you do, make sure your remote access is working well. Before you leave, test it from your favourite cafe, just to make sure you’re all set.

Holiday Hacker

Passphrases – Before you head off for the holidays, make sure you have a strong password, preferably of the long-phrase variety. Hackers know offices are quiet over Christmas. Don’t inadvertently let them in. Unsure what a long-phrase password is? Watch the 60-second video


By Leigh Robinson | 30 November 2021
By Leigh Robinson | 30 November 2021

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