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How to find Healthcare IT services in NZ

Healthcare is one of the most data-driven industries and also one of the biggest producers of sensitive information. This combination creates an ever-increasing need for data security and an innovative software system. However, keeping up to date with new technology as we all know is a difficult business and one that is quite costly. 


So how do you maintain and manage an up to date healthcare IT system without compromising your data and exhausting your resources at the same time? By letting the experts deal with it of course. Outsourcing your healthcare IT services to a managed service provider (MSP) would be a healthier choice in the long run. 


Healthcare IT services an MSP provides,

  • Managed Security Services (MSS)
  • Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services (MCIS)
  • Managed IT Services (MIT)


Managed Security Services (MSS)

Healthcare most targeted industry for cyberattacks

The healthcare industry suffered the most number of global cyber attacks in 2021 with most of these attacks being ransomware. New Zealand has seen its fair share of cybercrime within the healthcare sector, with the attack on the Waikato DHB being one of the most notable.


But, why do cybercriminals target healthcare? Patient data containing personal and financial data can be used for fraudulent billing and blackmail. Due to this, hackers can sell this data for a lot of money on the black market. Your medical data is reportedly 10 times more valuable than your credit card number on the black market.


How to secure patient data with Managed Security Services (MSS)

A managed service provider like Network Service Providers (NSP) offers specialist security services that work around the clock to protect your network and devices from security threats. 

This is the 4-step process of managed security services

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Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services (MCIS)

You’ve probably already familiar with the benefits of cloud computing, and might be considering moving to the cloud from your current legacy system. However, cloud migrations are quite complex projects which can be quite costly and take up valuable resources. But with a specialist like NSP, you can make the transition easy and transform your operations to be more cost-effective and convenient. 


As an MSP, we will work with your in-house IT team to develop the right usage model and cloud architecture. We will be your single point of contact and ensure your IT infrastructure is optimised while managing your data backups.


At NSP, moving to the cloud is a comprehensive, well-structured 5-step process


Step 1: Identify the requirements and business case for your cloud strategy in terms of; commercial optimisation, strategic objectives, agility and tangible benefits.


Step 2: Develop a cloud operating model through; discovery, assessment, review, mapping, financial modelling and total cost of ownership.


Step 3: Put together a cloud migration roadmap covering your organisation’s objectives and short term/ long term goals.


Step 4: Migration. Strategically migrate your workloads to the cloud in a well structured and secured manner. 


Step 5: Ensure your workloads are kept up to date through cloud optimisation management.


Want to begin your journey to the cloud?

Future-proof your business with powerful and scalable cloud solutions.


Managed IT Solutions (MITS)

This is where an MSP takes the stress of managing your IT services, so you can focus on your patients and deliver quality healthcare. IT solutions for the healthcare industry can include,


  • Web application hosting
  • Help desk management
  • Incident response
  • Solution management
  • Asset management
  • General IT support

NSP used cutting-edge technology using the best healthcare software and skills available. Here’s a quick snapshot of what this includes,


Virtual Engineer Automated Systems: Stay rest assured as your systems remain stable, reliable and secure 24/7. The Virtual Engineer Automated System does just that by monitoring your systems around the clock and self-resolving any issues as soon as they happen. 


SMARTi: This is NSP’s unique managed service reporting platform that provides real-time system performance and management. 


Dedicated Technical Relationship Manager: Through regular reports and meetings, your Technical Relationship Manager will,


  • Discuss the progress of your technology roadmap &  IT health
  • Review customer satisfaction scores
  • Give insights into healthcare IT trends and how they affect your practice.

Skilled Support: Your healthcare organisation needs reliable, fast IT support, to make sure everything runs smoothly, and the last you want to do is wait on hold. At NSP we have an industry-leading call answering time of between 7-11 seconds to make sure you get in touch with a highly-skilled engineer right away.


Are you paying too much for your managed services provider?

In a short exploration, we’ll review your existing managed services and tell you how your current service stacks up.


By Leigh Robinson | 26 April 2022
By Leigh Robinson | 26 April 2022

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