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What does a health IT consultant do?

Do I need a health IT consultant, and what would they do?

Issues your business can avoid by engaging a health IT consultant

We’ve all felt the annoyance of a printer that won’t print, a practice management system screen that freezes at precisely the wrong moment, the password that no longer seems to work and the IT issue that just never seems to get resolved. Consequently, you may feel like you’re treading water. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Importantly getting IT to ‘stand’ issue free is always the first item on a health IT consultant’s agenda. What’s the point of inspired IT if day-to-day basics are wearing your team down.

How a health IT consultant moves you from treading water and on to solid ground


Effective consultants will start by interviewing your staff to uncover their IT pain points. Simple issues, or quick wins will be grouped together for fast remediation. Furthermore, undertaking a technical audit will provide insight around general system health. From this, a GAP analysis will be performed to compare actual performance against desired performance. Finally, a report will be compiled detailing findings and recommendations made around what is required to ensure your environment is at industry standard.

An IT consultant should set you up to soar   health_it_consultant_5

An effective IT consultant will use a business-first approach. So, what does this mean? Imagine your business IT as a car, transporting you, your team and your customers to a destination called ‘success’. Your vehicle needs to be large enough to accommodate everyone in comfort. It needs to accelerate and break when required and protecting its occupants is of paramount importance. Engine power should be balanced with fuel efficiency. As a result, if these are all in place, then you’ll reach your destination safely. Not only that, but you’ll be on time, within budget and in one piece. A health IT consultant needs to understand your aspirational journey to develop a practical IT roadmap. Accordingly, the IT roadmap will support you throughout the journey.


How an IT consultant can help you improve patient satisfaction

There’s a plethora of health technology solutions, apps and SaaS available in the market today that can address patient expectation and improve patient engagement and experience. Microsoft NZ recently launched its new Cloud  Healthcare Suite designed to make your digital transformation journey simpler and more meaningful for your patients. But when you’re short on time, bandwidth and technical expertise it’s a struggle to understand the options available. A consultant has the experience and expertise to advise on options and will take into consideration, your business goals, current IT environment and budget.


The impact of IT on business success

With internal technology issues and IT direction laying squarely on the shoulders of an IT consultant, you will have more time to do what you do best, working to provide the best possible care for your client.



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By Steve Hurst | 21 June 2021

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