Go Green to Feed the Need

We’ll turn your e-waste into school lunches

Donate your e-waste to support Feed the Need.


Who are Feed The Need?

Feed The Need is a Non-Profit Charity organization that provides Young Kiwis with School lunches so as to afford each and every child the opportunity to learn, thrive and become amazing.

The Charity is reliant on organizations in and around Auckland to support and contribute funding to enable the continued supply of school lunches.

Read more about Feed the Need 

What is the NSP Feed the Need Initiative?

At NSP we value ourselves as more than just IT Partners.

We are community members and social contributors; hence which motivates NSP to proudly introduce and present the “Go green and feed the need Campaign”.

This campaign is a unique and innovative way of turning companies’ unwanted IT assets into valued school lunches for New Zealand’s children.

Feed the Need operates because passionate people in our community believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn, thrive and become amazing.

Here’s your chance to help make a difference to our environment and our children who go without lunch every day.

We will collect your unwanted electronics, erase the hard drives and safely dispose of or donate the equipment.

We’re not the only company who collects and recycles electronics, but we are the only one who give all proceeds to a good cause – Feed the Need.

Protect our environment and feed NZ kids – going green never felt so good!

That’s E-recycling with a difference.


Who we Are

  • Our philosophy is to recycle or reuse unwanted electronics, to minimize the impact on our environment and maximize the good we can do in our community
  • A not for profit initiative by NSP
  • Ethical and responsible recycling
  • Supporting a very important NZ cause

Why recycle?

  • Donating or recycling consumer electronics conserves our natural resources and avoids air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by manufacturing virgin materials.
  • Electronics contain valuable materials including precious materials such as gold, copper, also some toxic substances such as lead and mercury which could be harmful to our health & the environment if disposed of wrongly.
  • NZ is proud of its clean green reputation, but we all need to act to keep it this way

Why Choose Us?

  • We are the only e-cycling business who gives all profits to a good cause – Feed the Need
  • We are an IT service provider, so well qualified to understand the importance of safe and secure data destruction
  • We come to you, collect your unwanted electronics and recycle them
  • We’ll turn up on time we’ll collect (and lift) all the e-waste from your premises
  • We’ll raise and present you with a Certificate to confirm your unwanted electronics have been environmentally disposed of.

Book your collection

*Collection Fee for Auckland Area $80

** Collections only available in Auckland 

*Accept Terms and Conditions

* I acknowledge the $80 collection fee for this collection collections

How It Works



Collection Fees*

Standard Collection fee $80 – (Dependant on Location and Quantity additional fees may apply)


  • At present, the initiative is only valid in the Auckland area, 
  • All items collected will be processed either for asset recovery or destruction, no other use case is permitted
  • Due to the nature of the asset recovery and destruction process we are unable to supply exact time frame for job processing, this will be dependent on volume and current workloads
  • all profits will be donated to the initiative elected charity, and are non-refundable\transferable 
  • No information supplied will be sold or made available to parties outside the initiative partners but may be used by Initiative partners for statistical and acceptable marketing use.  
  • NSP and its initiative partners are not responsible for ensuring IP or sensitive data is removed or backed up prior to the equipment being processed. All data drives not destroyed will have their content wiped, no backup is taken prior.
  • Collection booking is dependent on availability

Asset Recovery

  • The process of Asset recovery applies to items that are under 4-5 years old, and in working condition, these items will be separated out and refurbished for potential remarketing, any money made from the remarketed items will then be donated to the Feed-the-Need foundation to provide additional lunches to school goers
  • For the asset recovery process, HHD is not destroyed but rather undergo a guaranteed data destruction swiping ( 1x (free) or 7x pass ( $6/per) and are then reformatted in the recovery process. 


Accurate Reporting and Audit trail

  • Receipt, acknowledge report.
  • All waste is recorded and documented with a clear audit trail.

Special Handling Fees 

  • CRT Monitors = $20
  • CRT MOnitors with built-in Desktop   = $10
  • Rear Projection TV = $70
  • CRT TV = $20
  • LCD TV = $5
  • Printer = $10
  • Fax Machine = $10
  • Photocopier = $50

Conditional Fees and Special Handling requirements   

  • Certain items may require special handling to ensure safe and eco-friendly disposal, such items, therefore, have a handling fee attached, below is a table of the special handling fees, please note this table may change from time to time,
  • There is a standard collection fee applicable for collection, however, if you participate in the asset recovery process, then the collection fee will be deducted from the recovery value gained after processing the recovery lot. Any shortfall will then be billed accordingly.

Hard drive data destruction services

HDD Destruction  =$8/per

HDD Wipe = $6/per

  • Unwanted drives containing sensitive data can be completely destroyed via a crusher, presenting you with a video file to confirm all information has been completely destroyed.
  • We securely and completely erase all data from your equipment to protect you, your staff and customers*

All data is removed according to US Department of Defence Standards (DOD Method. / industry standard US DoD 5220.22-M which is a 3 pass full data erase.**

(We have a Zero Landfill policy, therefore some items may require special handling to meet this policy, and may have a Processing fee applied. A full breakdown of applicable fees can be made available on request)