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It needs to be effective, not complicated. Our proven methodology makes your transition to the cloud easier (and faster) than you ever thought possible.

Want to create competitive advantage? A move to the cloud can set the foundation to revolutionise your business and your results.

You’ve heard about the business benefits associated to the cloud, and might be considering your next step to transition.

But where do you start? so you can benefit from reduced costs, improved stability and scalability, enhanced redundancy, fuel productivity and mitigate data security risk.

For many organisations, the sheer amount of options can be overwhelming, making it hard to know the best way forward. So, how do you navigate the change without making costly mistakes?

The answer, is by choosing the right partner; a Navigator that is well versed in cloud adoption, that can assist you to explore and guide you to select the right Cloud strategy and environment for your business.

As a trusted Navigator, NSP makes your move to the cloud easy.


Understand the requirements and business case for your Cloud strategy in terms of strategic objectives, commercial optimisation, agility and tangible benefits


Develop a Cloud operating model through discovery, assessment, review, mapping, financial modelling and total cost of ownership (TCO)


Develop a Cloud roadmap reflecting the objectives and covering both short term and long term goals.


Cloud migration ensures workloads are moved to the Cloud in a strategic and managed manner


Cloud optimisation management ensures optimised workloads

How do you begin your journey to the Cloud?

Propel your evolution to the Cloud smoothly, securely and without hassle with our proven approach.

The NSP Cloud Solution Difference

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Training & support

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Experience & expertise


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