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Discover the difference of working with
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Like many NZ businesses, you use software, apps, and systems to help run your business.

However, do you lack the resources and time to ensure all those tools are running correctly? That’s where we come in. We work with businesses like yours to make sure you’re using the right tools for your needs, that those tools are working as expected, and that they’re actually providing you value.

Whether you need full IT services, tech team backup, project support or casual support – we can help.

Discover the difference

Discover the difference of working with a true Managed Services Partner. Not all managed services providers are built equal, and you may be paying too much. If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re getting the most from your current provider, take our service comparison assessment and find out.

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In this complimentary 60 minute consultation, you can expect to discuss:


  • Your current IT environment
  • Current managed service trends
  • Which areas of your environment may be suitable for manged service offerings
  • What a managed service partnership might look like
  • Any concerns or questions you have around moving to a managed service model

What makes for a great managed services provider?

Business doesn’t stop, and neither should your IT. A great managed services provider does more than just keep your systems running, it finds ways to help you run ahead.

It recognises that technology shouldn’t just support a business, but enhance it.

It takes a business-first approach, and has the right skills, insight and technical expertise to help you achieve your business goals – whatever they are.

In short, it’s more than a provider, it’s a partner.

NSP is a true managed services partner, and we’ve helped more than 250 New Zealand businesses.

How can I get my technology to improve my business?

Your IT powers your business, and your business comes first. Our AIRI process uses a collaborative planning tool to ensure your IT is setup to enhance your business.


We’ll conduct a robust and thorough assessment of your current IT setup and identify key gaps and opportunities


We synthesise key insights, identify your competitive advantages, and clarify how to maximise technology in your business


We put together a tailored Technology Roadmap that outlines exactly how technology can enhance your business needs


We help you implement any changes seamlessly, effectively and with little disruption to BAU

What makes NSP Managed Services different?

Not all managed service providers are created equal. As an early adopter and innovator in the managed services space, we’ve developed management and reporting systems that put us a few steps ahead of the competition.

Are you paying too much for your managed services provider?

In a short exploration, we’ll review your existing managed services and tell you how your current service stacks up.

How secure is your Office 365?

Office 365 has become a popular choice for many businesses. Its ‘always up to date’ version control and flexible device usage provides many benefits, but what’s often being overlooked is data security and protection.

While Microsoft supports the application and infrastructure uptime, you may be surprised to learn that data control and protection is your responsibility. And with increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, you want to be sure you’re protected.

After seeing many businesses at risk, we’ve developed a unique Office 365 backup that secures your email, SharePoint and OneDrive data and reduces the risk of accidental deletion, retention gaps, internal security threats and compliance breaches.

Take our Office 365 Threat Assessment and secure your Office 365 today.

Looking to change Managed Service Providers but aren’t sure where to start?

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