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14.7 Mbps

Average peak internet connection speed in New Zealand in 2019


of new zealand businesses now have access to ultra high speed fibre internet

How important is your network to your business?

Your network is the lifeblood of your organisation. Behind the scenes, it’s switches, routers and firewalls. But to your team, it’s how they access the applications, files and data they need, when they need them.

When a network works, you barely notice it. But when it doesn’t… business grinds to a halt, productivity falls to the floor, and opportunities are lost.

Don’t let your network get in the way of your business. Get it working for you with NSP’s Network Intelligence (NI) service.

What does Network Intelligence mean for your business?

NSP’s Network Intelligence (NI) service ensures your network just works – silently and reliably – powering your business to do what it does best. NI is proven to resolve any issues, optimise your setup and get your network working for your business.

We’ve assembled and integrated an advanced set of enterprise networking tools that make improving a network quicker, and cheaper than ever. From creation to evolution, NSP has the network performance services to help you.

What You Get with Network Intelligence

Real-time Visibility

How would it feel to know exactly what’s going on with your network at any time? Network Intelligence gives you just that. Complete profiles for every device show you how your devices are connected and configured across all locations and real-time alerts let you know when anything changes. And with technical debugging data and historic performance data monitored and collated in one easy place, you can analyse, troubleshoot and forecast with ease. Get the full picture, all in one place.

Complete Control

Knowledge is one thing, but action is another. Network Intelligence not only shows you your network but empowers you to take action when it matters. You can do it all, wherever you are, from the easy-to-use Network Intelligence dashboard. Tap into network evidence to isolate issues and resolve them within minutes; restore any device configuration from your version history with the automated backup device management system; and securely manage every connected device (including documentation and information) in real time.

Take control of your networks in real-time with Network Intelligence.

Power to Act

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to solve issues before they happen? Network Intelligence gives you a complete and accurate map of your network, including devices that have been hidden away and forgotten, and any rogue devices that may have been added without your knowledge, all in a matter of minutes. Identify any bottlenecks, find network loops, analyse misconfigurations and get the information you need to resolve any issues, all from an easy to use dashboard. Get on the front foot and never be in the dark again.

The Benefits of Network Intelligence

Reduce your business risk

Improve productivity

Get full visibility of your network

Identify issues before they happen

Easily manage even the largest networks

Get a network to support your evolving needs

Get more from you network. Chat with one of our experts today.

Whatever your network challenge, we can help

  • Network speed
  • Downtime and outages
  • Encryption and security
  • Infrastructure and design
  • Remote work capabilities
  • Cloud computing
  • Network strategy and roadmap development
  • … and much more

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