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More than 4,000 New Zealand businesses are cyber-attacked every day.

Is your business at risk?

Why is Cyber Security so important?

Data is your company’s biggest asset, how are you protecting yours?

In an increasingly connected world, your sensitive IP, financial and customer data is at greater risk than ever. Loss of data can impact revenue, productivity and cause irreversible damage to your reputation.

NSP’s CyberHawk™ helps you identify your risk, create a roadmap to close the gaps, and implement the right solution for you.

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How can you protect your systems from being compromised?

Every system has vulnerabilities. And the sad reality is that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there trying to exploit them. NSP offers a range of systems-oriented solutions to help you identify your risks and reduce them.

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Is the behaviour of your team putting your business at risk?

Cyber security is about more than technology. The security awareness of your people is just as, if not more, important than your systems. From insecure passwords to risky online behaviour and irresponsible use of sensitive information, the behaviour of your team can leave you exposed. That’s why our Cyber Security Awareness Program is designed to create a proactive security culture in your business to keep you protected.

Christophe Demoor

Chief Information Security Officer | NSP


Leadership and Governance

All meaningful change starts at the top and flows down. We’ll work closely with your executive and management team to embed the right behaviours, and ensure they set the standard for the rest of the staff to follow.


Education and Awareness

Our module-based awareness program shows your team their key security risks and how to deal with them. We engage with multiple departments across your business so you’ll get an integrated behavioural security solution that makes a real difference.


Engagement and Incentives

Behaviour change requires reinforcement. That’s why our Cyber Security Awareness Program is designed to reward and recognise the right behaviour and keep security top of mind. With regular security hints and tips, and an incentive program, your team will become more security conscious in no time.


Testing and Refinement

Ever wonder how your security posture stacks up? Our benchmarking and ongoing testing is designed to show you exactly where the gaps are, and track how your team is progressing. From phishing to social engineering and even the USB test, if there are behavioural vulnerabilities, we’ll find them. Want to know what easy things your team can do today to reduce your risk?

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Want to know what easy things your team can do today to reduce your risk? Download our guide and find out.

What is the true cost of being compromised?

As cyber attacks increase, being targeted is more likely than ever. If you are compromised, it’s critical you move quickly to minimise the impact – to your business and your reputation.

NSP’s CyberHawk™ is a managed SIEM (Security Incident Event Management) that provides real-time analysis of security alerts so if something does happen, you’ll be a step ahead.


increase in reported scams and frauds from the first quarter of 2019 in NZ.


of which suffered financial losses, the loss of customer information and operational capacity.


NZD financial loss, up from the $14.1 million reported in the previous year.

Cyberhawk includes A unique mix of solutions customised to suit your needs.

Core Threat Detection

Get the basics right. Implement the core rules and systems that lays the foundation of your ongoing threat protection.

Data Threat Detection

Unauthorised access and compromised accounts can result in serious data leakage. Data threat protection monitors, detects and responds to all threats which could impact user data.

Cloud Threat Detection

The cloud is convenient, but can pose a greater security risk. Get full, immediate visibility on any suspicious activity and potential threats to your cloud-based systems with our Cloud Threat Detection.

AI Threat Detection

Moving fast is key, but often people aren’t around to act when it matters. AI Active Threat Protection leverages AI to automatically respond to threats when they happen and prevent further damage.

Security Operations Team

Get a team by your side to be there when you need it. Our 24/7 security operation centre will identify and investigate threats, and where necessary, take immediate action, so you don’t lose precious moments that have a big business impact.

Want to do something about your cyber security but aren’t sure where to start?

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