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  • CyberHawk’s Penetration Testing offers a Comprehensive Tailored Penetration Testing Solution, Tests are Tailored to your Companies needs and Systems 

  • Cyberhawk Penetration tests are designed and conducted by a certified security specialist, ensuring that the tests meet the highest standards of testing.

  • Cyberhawk’s penetration tests are in line with recognized and registered International Security Testing Methodologies

  • Cyberhawk’s penetration testing will immediately uncover security risks and Vulnerabilities within your systems allowing you to take action and put a stop to unwanted risk

  • Upon completion of a Cyberhawk Penetration test, you will be presented with an extensive Risk Assessment Score, giving you immediate insights into the health and security of your systems, 

  • Every CyberHawk Penetration Test comes with a Vulnerability and Risk Remediation Plan, this Plan will aid you in taking the necessary steps to ensure your systems are risk-free.


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