Leading Innovators in IPTV, VOD and Digital Signage Software

NSP is the most experienced integrator of Tripleplay software solutions, deploying the leading innovative IPTV, VOD –Video on Demand, and Digital Signage software solutions, offering the only product that offers a comprehensive range of media and content through a single “pain of glass” platform.

Tripleplay IP media solutions have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of hospitality, education, corporate, health and residential accommodation.

Easy to use and extremely scalable Tripleplay’s IPTV solution removes the issues of picture degradation, and comes High Definition (HD) ready. The VOD – Video on Demand and Digital Signage module offers a simple web based management interface ensuring local administrators have the ability to amend and update content in real time.

Having access to content on the move is something that has become second nature to most people. As broadcasters provide more content for streaming to mobile devices, users have become accustomed to receiving the content they want where and when they want it, be it at home, the office, on a train or hotel, on whatever device they choose.

TripleStream allows just that by enabling access to live TV and Video on Demand content from any mobile device, via WiFi, 3G or 4G network, all centrally controlled and managed from a single central server and accessed from Tripleplay’s Mobile Application

Tripleplay’s family of products are software based and designed to use industry standard server and Set Top box technology giving you a Telco grade solution at an enterprise price.

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