Uncover Your Business Risk

Understand your Business risk from vulnerable data.

NSP understands your desire to ensure that your company’s data is secure, running the Audit will identify your risk and exposure from sensitive data which could cripple your business, or threaten your personal identity

Why Risk Intelligence Auditing…

Over the past few years electronic document theft and exploitation has grown exponentially, with new daily attacks/hacks equaling those of yearly totals gone by. Exploitation of personal and business sensitive data has increased significantly raising your exposure. Therefore it is important to understand your risk exposure and  with NSP’s Data Vulnerability Scan  you to do just that.

What this will do for you…

The Vulnerability Scan will detect and highlight vulnerable documents and potential data security breaches, by scanning files and highlighting the issues. Once breaches and vulnerabilities are identified, NSP Security Engineers have the skills to resolve and rectify, eliminating your business and personal risk.

How it Works …

The Scan Engine utilized the National Vulnerability Database (NVD USA) to scan your machine for known security vulnerabilities, the scan will also search for regex matches to known Sensitive data types such as date of birth formats, and credit card number formats, these are then flagged as potential data breach points, the scan will also determine the level of permission on items found to have match sensitive data and add this to the report, allowing you to see who potentially has access to your sensitive data

Once the Scan completes you will be presented with a comprehensive report of all the findings.

What Will it Cover… 

Vulnerabilities : 

The Security Scan will also identify known vulnerabilities and security risks with applications installed on your machine, this included known patching issues across versions of applications 

Sensitive Data:

Often as not seemingly innocent documents or files will contain some piece of information that if exposed to the wrong recipient could leads to a number if problems, from Fraud to IP exposure,

examples of  personal data include:

  • Credit Card information
  • Identify Numbers /Passport numbers
  • Taxation numbers
  • Date of Birth 

Understand the Financial Impact of a Data Breach…

The Audit will not only highlight your potential vulnerabilities and data risk but will also give you an indication of the financial loss to your business cause by a data breach. by attaching a financial value to your data you can now  quantify the amount of risk you are exposed to and can now safeguard your business 

Don’t Wait Act Now and let NSP secure your Business Data  

Key components

exposed data

Comprehensive reporting


Secured Business Data

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Uncover your Business Risk Now


You now have the ability to run an intelligent Data Vulnerability scan on your own machine.

The above button will redirect you to our registration portal, once you have signed up for the security scan you will receive an email with instructions  to begin your risk assessment ( Assessment run from a SSL Secured Web Portal ) Results of the assessment will be displayed on completion.

*Please note: Scan times may vary depending on the amount of data on your machine*

“I didn’t believe I was vulnerable until I ran the scan. The NSP security engineers quickly resolved the issues, I feel much better knowing my data and business are protected”