Want an IT team that will take your business to the next level?

Virtualisation, Unified Data, Storage & Replication

Whether you want to optimise an entire business, enhance a business process or simply improve your organisations operational performance, NSP has a team of dedicated strategic technical advisers who will guide you through the design processes, presenting options that are pertinent to the outcome your desire.


Server infrastructure is the engine room of any organisation, providing the power and performance of business systems and application delivery to its people.

The knowledge, expertise and experience of our infrastructure architects goes into every detail of your solution. Their performance-oriented approach allows us to consistently implement new design, technologies and functionalities that support to growth of your business.


Is your IT infrastructure racing to keep pace with data growth? How do you manage the data juggernaut? Whether it’s more space for email, databases, shared files, CRM, or dependable backup and recovery solutions, the data explosion never seems to end.

Fortunately we intimately understand the issue you are facing, and have in-depth knowledge of the true costs associated with data growth and how to efficiently manage data growth in your organisation. We can cut through the pain points associated with simplifying your data management storage with our range of fluid data best of breed server and storage options, designed to minimise the cost of data while optimising application delivery to your users.


Your computer network is like the human nervous system it is the core foundation to sending and receiving communications. The better it performs the more effective and productive you can be.

NSP are surgeons when it comes to ensuring your network is tuned to its optimal performance, we will identify the pain points, uncover the blockages, loops, trapped and damaged arteries within your infrastructure, pin pointing the causes. We will provide recommendations to rectify and assist with taking corrective action to remedy the problem.