Talk to us about the advantages of a wireless network.

Users are sick and tired of unstable connections, dropped sessions, and erratic performance. They want all the bells and whistles of a smarter wireless network system that provides way better coverage, capacity, and reliability.

We understand the issues related with legacy wireless solutions which were not engineered to deal with the high density and throughput required to sustain a fast and reliable wireless connection, or deal with he adoption of smart devices such as phones and tablets which creates challenges related to network access and device security.

IT management are looking for wireless solutions that are easy to manage, configure and deploy, with tools that will allow them to intelligently identify the user, device and application with the ability to create, administer and enforce security policies. No matter the environment, NSP will help you navigate and guide you through the solution investigation process. We will also be right by your side to assist in the deployment and support of your wireless solution.

What we will consider for you in any wireless solution:

Killer coverage: Using fewer APs blanket a bigger area, reducing capital and operational costs
Ultra Affordable: Robust wireless network at a fraction of the cost of conventional alternatives
Fast Install: Configuration and deployment in half the time
Simple, Simple, Simple: A smarter wireless network that self-optimises and is super simple to manage
No Costly Cabling: Smart meshing allows placement of APs anywhere there is power without having to pull Ethernet cable for connectivity
Just What You Need: No more paying for features and functions you don’t want, need or understand