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Network Service Providers (NSP) uses IT to help organisations accelerate their success


Since 2002, we’ve empowered the success of organisations – both here in New Zealand and across the globe. Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, we’ve made a name for ourselves by delivering superior IT solutions at affordable prices from our home base in Auckland.

But that’s only part of the story.

In fact, our story isn’t even about us, it’s about you.

Because while we’re experts in IT, it’s not about IT itself, but what it enables.

Whether that’s global expansion, better communication, a more agile workforce – whatever your goal, IT plays a key role in helping you get there.

That’s why we take a business-first approach. One that combines strategic insight with unparalleled technical expertise to make a real difference.

And we believe that’s what makes the difference between being an IT provider, and an IT partner.

Industries We Work With






Professional Services


World’s First

First in the world adopt and deploy XEN virtualisation – the foundation of the Citrix Virtualisation suite.

Leading Mobile Phone Payments

Complete design, architecture, integration and deployment of a pre-paid mobile phone payment system for a South American organisation.

RMS Award Winner

Won the RMS Innovation Partner, Business Partner and Rookie of the Year awards.

Secured Exchange

Designed the enterprise network security and connectivity for a stock exchange partner

Data Integrity

Full disaster recovery for a food distribution company that was totally decimated by fire.

Not one piece of data or day of operation was lost.



Our “Go Green and Feed the Need” initiative tackles the e-waste problem head on.

We collect, recycle and refurb unwanted electronics and use that money to feed New Zealand’s children. We’ve already donated 1750 lunches so far, and continue to expand every year.

It’s our way of addressing the e-waste problem while also doing good for the community.

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