Tech Tune-Up

Amplify Your Business with Technology

Harness the power of Copilot for Microsoft 365

Discover how Copilot automates tasks, provides valuable insights, and helps manage your workload. We’ll also discuss the importance of data security and governance for Copilot deployments. Finally, witness a live demonstration of using Copilot to streamline document creation from meeting notes, and explore its capabilities in generating presentations and documentation, addressing any potential challenges.

Demystifying Cyber Insurance Options for Your Business

The Webinar discussed the growing concern of cyberattacks and how to protect your business. Grant Robertson, Head of Financial Lines at Donaldson Brown Insurance Brokers, joined us and offered valuable insights on navigating the world of cyber insurance.

Budgeting for Cybersecurity

Navigating the complexities of cybersecurity budgeting can be daunting. Our informative webinar, Invest in Defence: Building a Secure and Cost-effective Cybersecurity Budget, addressed this very challenge, equipping you with valuable insights and strategies.

Cyber Insurance Explained

When it comes to obtaining cyber insurance, a strategic and proactive approach is key. To determine coverage and cost, insurers need to understand your organisation’s cyber defenses. Cyber insurance providers, like their counterparts in traditional insurance, require organisations to have a robust security strategy and infrastructure. So, where should you start? 

How to minimise cyber risk in NZ business

Feeling overwhelmed by cybersecurity threats? You’re not alone. Join our free webinar and discover practical steps you can take to minimise your cyber risks. We’ll equip you with actionable strategies

NSP Secure Email

Feeling vulnerable to email threats? This webinar unveils NSP’s secure email solution, designed for peace of mind. We’ll delve into advanced phishing protection, robust malware defense against email attachments, and data loss prevention features that safeguard sensitive information. Simplify email security and achieve inbox tranquility.

Security Awareness Program

Security education is an ongoing process. This 60 second video offers security awareness tips, covers threats, protection of sensitive information, social engineering, phishing, and passwords.

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