Build resilience and confidence in an evolving cyber threat landscape.

Cybersecurity Solutions that move your business forward

Confidently navigate an evolving and challenging cyber threat landscape so you can shift your decision-making to maximising opportunity instead of minimising risk.

It’s how industry-leading cybersecurity solutions can become a competitive advantage, rather than a cost centre. Designed around what your business needs, your cybersecurity solution will centre on a risk-based strategy.

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Our Cybersecurity Services Include

SOC monitoring NSP
Security operation centre (SOC/SIEM)

Monitor your entire IT infrastructure in real-time, 24/7.

Ransomware protection and recovery

Minimise the chance of ransomware attacks and get up and running faster with immutable backup.

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vCISO strategic services

Manage cybersecurity risks according to best practice –our experts will help strategise and implement the best security framework for your organisation.

Cybersecurity and privacy concepts to protect data. businessman with internet network security technology. Businessman locking personal data on smartphone. cyber security concept.
Vulnerability management

Keep your networks and applications safe even as the landscape evolves with proactive and automated processes.

Assessment analysis Business analytics evaluation measure technology concept.
Security assessments

Identify any potential risks to your organisation before they become a problem with depth testing and security control evaluation.

Penetration testing
Penetration testing

A simulated cyber-attack against your security system to identify vulnerabilities in your systems and process.

Security awareness
Security awareness

Turn your people from security liabilities into assets, with comprehensive, tailored training programs.

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Table-top Exercise

Work on incident scenarios tailored to your unique environment and operational needs, identify gaps and build action plans.

Incident response
Incident response

A robust incident response can contain security breaches and minimise the damage to your business.

Secure email
Secure email

End-to-end email encryption keeps your communications safe from being intercepted by third parties.

Risk Based approach NSP

Risk Based Approach

Cyber Security Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At NSP, we believe one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to cybersecurity. That’s why we take a risk-based approach, tailoring our consultation and solutions to your specific business. We understand that every organization has unique needs, risks, and vulnerabilities, which is why we create a personalized risk landscape just for you.

Our approach focuses on key controls, the specific measures most effective for addressing your unique threats. This way, you can implement cost-effective security solutions that make a real difference. We leverage industry frameworks like NIST and CIS, but our ultimate goal is to provide actionable recommendations that align with your specific business goals.

With NSP, you get a practical and focused cybersecurity strategy that protects your business without breaking the bank.

Risk Based approach NSP

NSP – affordable, proven, local experts

Affordable vCISO expertise

Cost-effective and highly trained, NSP’s cybersecurity experts cut costs, not corners.

Practical and scalable

Get pragmatic, targeted services you can scale up or down when you need.

Tailored Solutions

Security solutions designed considering your unique business risk profile.

Managed services expert
evolving cyber threats
Proven expertise

A certified security partner, we have refined our services over more than two decades serving SMEs all over the country.

Managed services expert
Tackle evolving attacks

Well-equipped to tackle evolving and sophisticated cyberattacks, ensuring your business remains secure.

evolving cyber threats
NZ-owned and operated

Get more responsive and comprehensive SOC, SIEM and vulnerability management from our local, in-house team.


Hear From Our Clients

Chief Executive

Charity Organisation

A resilient infrastructure and a reliable technology partner are essential for our success, and NSP proved to be the perfect match for our needs.

IT Manager

Commercial Leasing Company

NSP delivered and continues to deliver inspired solutions for our customers tailored to their needs.

Global IT Manager

F&B Distributor

We were pleased that NSP could conduct an independent review, assess our environment, understand security trends and weaknesses, and provide a comprehensive cybersecurity roadmap.

General Manager


NSP’s expertise and dedication to delivering a comprehensive network solution have significantly enhanced our guests’ experience and overall connectivity.


Government Housing

NSP vCISO understood our requirements and his practical approach helped us build a strong security system.

Free Situation Analysis And Cybersecurity Recommendations

Book your one-hour virtual consultation with one of our specialists to discuss your business and objectives. This will inform a report with a situation analysis and recommendations for bolstering your cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity consultation

Related Resources

Security risks are not just a concern but a growing reality. At NSP we endeavor to empower NZ businesses with right security strategy and controls. Here are some selected resources for your reference.

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A Guide to Cybersecurity Budgeting for SMEs in New Zealand

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Budgeting for the New Season: Make Cybersecurity a Critical Piece

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Beyond Breach: Empowering Your Defense with Cybersecurity Managed Services


Beyond Breach: Empowering Your Defense with Cybersecurity Managed Services

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