Cyber Safe Squads

Train Your Team for a Secure Future

Build a Security First Culture

Your team serves as the first line of defence against cyber threats. Equip and empower them to act as vital security firewalls within your organisation. Cultivating a security-first mindset not only minimises risks but also enhances trust with business partners and customers.

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Up-to-date with latest cyber trends

Engage in security awareness training to proactively prevent and mitigate user risks. Our Security Awareness and Education program provides comprehensive training and support to help your organization protect sensitive information, nurturing a security-conscious culture.

Training for Today's Workplace

Tailored programs empower users and employees to comprehend their role in combating information security breaches. Effective security awareness training enhances understanding of proper cyber hygiene, recognizes security risks, and identifies potential cyber-attacks across various channels.

Security awareness and training programs
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Program Highlights

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Customised Role Training

Empower your team with tailored training programs that address specific roles and individual needs, available on a monthly or annual basis.

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Interactive Training Methods

Keep your employees engaged through interactive training methods that make learning interesting and foster active participation.

Cybersecurity awareness
Awareness Material

Customise training materials such as videos, handouts, and quizzes, tailored to different target audiences, ensuring effective communication of security principles.

cybersecurity policy documents
Cyber Policy Docs

Active guidance and operational checklists to establish robust cybersecurity policies.

Cybersecurity simulation training
Phishing Simulation Campaigns

Provide a safe and constructive environment for staff to experience real hacking methods through simulated phishing campaigns.

Dark web scanning
Dark Web Scanning

Stay vigilant with our monthly identity scans, notifying you if your email address is exposed on the dark web, ensuring ongoing security.

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Regular Feedback

Offer valuable feedback to employees based on their performance in phishing simulations, recognizing and rewarding those who demonstrate strong cybersecurity practices.

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Track Progress Metrics

Monitor your staff’s progress and success in improving organizational cybersecurity awareness through detailed metrics and reports.

Unlock the Benefits of Cyber Security Training

Enhanced Compliance

Stay compliant effortlessly by keeping your workforce informed about evolving security policies, procedures, and regulations.

Reduced Incidents

Arm your employees with knowledge to recognize and thwart social engineering attacks, leading to fewer security incidents and a more robust organizational defense.

Boosted Productivity

Achieve seamless operations as everyone aligns on security procedures, fostering synergy among teams and departments for increased productivity.

Swift Response and Recovery

Heightened awareness enables rapid response in the face of cybersecurity events, minimizing damage, loss, and other undesirable effects.

Build a Security-Conscious Culture

Learn more about NSP's Cybersecurity solutions

Penetration Testing services

Penetration Testing services

Designed to simulate real-world cyberattacks on various elements of your IT environment. Assesses the detection and response capabilities of your people, processes, and technology, pinpointing vulnerabilities within your system.
Email Security Service

Email Security Service

NSP secure email services offer end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your messages remain confidential, shielded from third-party interception and unauthorized access.


Leverage industry leading security expertise in a cost-effective way, suited for your business needs.
Security Operations Centre

Security Operations Centre

Real-time monitoring of your infrastructure to actively detect threats.
Incident Response

Incident Response

Swiftly mitigate risks to stop further damage.

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