Data Retention

Customised data retention solutions to meet your business needs

Data Retention Solutions

Keep your business data safe and secure with NSP Data Retention Solutions. Our customisable solutions ensure that your data is retained for as long as you need it, while also ensuring that it is properly protected against unauthorised access, deletion, or modification.

Our experienced team of security experts works closely with you to understand your unique data retention needs and develop tailored solutions that meet your compliance requirements and mitigate potential risks.

By engaging with our Data Retention Solutions, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is secure, accessible, and properly managed.

data retention and access

Never Lose Critical Data: Secure Retention, Anytime Access.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate potential risks by ensuring that your data is properly managed and protected against unauthorised access, deletion, or modification.

Incident response
Tailored Solutions

Get personalised solutions that meet your unique data retention needs and compliance requirements.

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Incident response
cybersecurity recommendations
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Compliance Assurance

Ensure compliance with data retention regulations and avoid costly fines and legal issues.

cybersecurity recommendations
Secure Data

Securely store and protect information for extended periods, ensuring availability and preventing loss or unauthorised access.


Communicate with confidence, knowing that your messages are protected with the latest security measures.


We design data retention solutions fit for your business needs.


Comply with required industry regulations and set data retention rules.


Protect against unauthorised access, deletion, or modification. Set alerts on malicious actions.


Gain peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and accessible, allowing you time to focus on business growth.


Our data experts will provide you with best-in-class solutions and tailor them to your needs with a recommended best practice approach.


With proven expertise in security, you are rest assured your data is retained and can be accessed securely, anytime.

Data Retention Framework with NSP


Regulatory requirements
Business requirements
Data classification
Storage infrastructure


Data categorisation
Data lifecycle analysis
Risk analysis
Storage & retrieval analysis


Data retention policy
Compliance adherence
Data disposal strategies
Data prevention


Plan implementation
Management systems
Staff training & awareness
Ongoing monitoring & review

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Data Backup

Data Backup

Protect your data from loss and ensure business continuity with NSP Backup Services.
Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has transformed how businesses store and access information. Ditch the physical hardware! Cloud solutions securely store your data on remote servers, allowing retrieval from any internet-connected device worldwide.
Ransomware Recovery and Protection

Ransomware Recovery and Protection

Immutable backups are locked in time, unalterable and un-encryptable, even by sophisticated attacks. Safeguard your data, ensuring a swift recovery and minimising downtime and costs.
Data Consultancy

Data Consultancy

Experienced data consultants analyse your needs and recommend customised storage, management, and protection solutions.
Penetration Testing services

Incident response

Designed to simulate real-world cyberattacks on various elements of your IT environment. Assesses the detection and response capabilities of your people, processes, and technology, pinpointing vulnerabilities within your system.


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Empowering Your Organisation for the Future of Work


Empowering Your Organisation for the Future of Work

The relentless pursuit of efficiency and productivity is a constant struggle in today's business world. We juggle complex tasks, fight information overload, and yearn for a way to do more with less. Enter the dynamic duo of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), poised to revolutionise how we work.  Artificial intelligence (AI) presents a revolutionary opportunity to transform workflows and unlock new levels of efficiency. Microsoft's Copilot, a powerful AI assistant within Microsoft 365, is poised to change the game.  However, ensuring your organisation is prepared to leverage Copilot's full potential requires a strategic approach. NSP's Copilot Readiness service offers a comprehensive two-part solution to guide you on this journey. 

July 17, 2024

Ready to put AI to work? What SMEs should know before implementing Microsoft Copilot


Ready to put AI to work? What SMEs should know before implementing Microsoft Copilot

Artificial Intelligence took the public imagination by storm in the 2020s with the launch of a ground-breaking generative pre-trained transformer, GPT-3. People were justifiably impressed with its ability to adapt and mimic human language, and the ensuing AI boom, accelerated by the even more impressive GPT-4 in 2023, saw hundreds of applications for generating written content, images, researching financial questions, planning holidays, and more.  

June 27, 2024

Doing More with Less: The Art of Strategic IT Budget Optimisation

modern workplace

Doing More with Less: The Art of Strategic IT Budget Optimisation

The ever-changing business landscape can leave IT departments feeling like they're constantly playing catch-up. New technologies emerge, priorities shift, and the pressure to stay relevant intensifies. But amidst the chaos, one constant remains: the need for a healthy IT budget.  The good news? You don't have to choose between innovation and financial responsibility. Here are some key strategies to optimize your IT budget and achieve your goals: 

June 20, 2024

Team robot: how AI can help any part of your business


Team robot: how AI can help any part of your business

Small to medium-sized enterprises are under constant pressure to enhance productivity, streamline operations, drive growth, and keep their teams working together. It used to be there weren’t any quick or easy solutions to doing all this at once.   For example, you could hire more staff, but the added expense could erode the benefits of your growth. Or you could streamline operations by making a few people do more work, but that would pose a huge risk to productivity.   With artificial intelligence arriving on the scene, SMEs now have choices to do all of this. AI has the potential to give each team help where they need it the most to help them work more efficiently and effectively doing what they were hired to do. 

June 10, 2024

Case Study: Aviation Association


Case Study: Aviation Association

Legacy issues, inconsistency through business change, knowledge gaps and key-person syndrome are common factors which can contribute to an organisation’s IT health. This was the case for one of NSP’s clients. The organisation reached out to NSP in 2023 to provide an initial independent IT audit. This included a deep dive into its IT infrastructure and critical business systems to identify any weaknesses, risk, exposure and opportunities. Following the audit and continued partnership building, NSP has provided user support and managed services, including server maintenance, data backup and network and endpoint security, and ongoing training since December 2023. We interviewed IT Operations Manager at the association.

June 5, 2024

Data retention checklist

Data Retention Checklist

Ensure your organisation has covered all the essential aspects of data retention.