Supporting Local Families

Empowering Lives

Our Commitment to Supporting Deserving Local Families

At NSP, our dedication to community welfare goes beyond business. For years, we’ve been extending a helping hand to local families facing genuine hardships, and our commitment continues with our latest initiative.

Partnering with local community organizations and schools, we identify families in genuine need, facing hardships through no fault of their own. We collaborate closely with these families, understanding their immediate needs to empower them, take control of their finances, and uplift their living situations for a better future—especially for their children.

Together, we’re empowering lives and building a stronger, more compassionate community.

Our Contribution

NSP invests gift funds directly towards assisting these families, attributing the generosity to our valued customers. We recognize the crucial role our customers play in enabling us to support those in need.

A Token of Appreciation

As a token of gratitude, customers receive a special Christmas Bauble to hang on their office Christmas tree. This bauble symbolizes their contribution to our cause and the positive impact they’ve made on a deserving family.

Our Purpose

Our aim is simple: to give back to the community and express our heartfelt gratitude to our customers for their ongoing support.

Our Commitment To Community

Feed The Need

Our “Go Green and Feed the Need” initiative tackles the e-waste problem head on. We collect, recycle and refurb unwanted electronics and use that money to feed New Zealand’s children. To date, we’ve contributed 1750 lunches and are committed to expanding our impact each year. It’s a dual approach—addressing e-waste while making a positive impact on the community.

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