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Cyber Security


Rapid Response for Cyber Attacks:

Stop active breaches and contain further damage

Rest assured, you’re not alone. We handle this every day, and our experts are here for you.

When you contact us, our experts swiftly assess the situation, provide immediate guidance, and craft a customised plan to address the issue. From internal system breaches to external threats, surveillance concerns, or expert guidance, you’re in capable hands the moment you reach out.

You can contact us for urgent cybersecurity incidents, even if you’re not an NSP customer.


We leap into action to contain threats immediately, minimising damage and data loss.


Our security experts proactively strengthen your defences, fortifying your systems and ensuring future incident prevention.


We navigate complex regulatory landscapes, managing compliance requirements to mitigate legal risks and safeguard your business.


NSP equips you with the tools and strategies needed to respond effectively, ensuring your organization emerges stronger from cyber incidents.

Your Urgent Cyber Response Journey.

Your Questions Answered

What sets your Rapid Response Cyber Security Services apart?

Our Rapid Response Cyber Security Services stand out due to our commitment to swift and precise action. We don’t just react; we proactively assess your unique situation, deploying a team of experts to contain the breach immediately. Our tailored approach ensures that your organisation’s specific vulnerabilities are addressed, mitigating further damage and reducing downtime.

How does your service mitigate the financial impact of a cyber breach?

Our service is designed to minimise the financial repercussions of a cyber breach by swiftly containing the threat. The longer a breach persists, the more it disrupts your operations and increases potential losses. By promptly isolating the breach, we reduce downtime, allowing your business to resume normal activities sooner and mitigating the financial impact.

Can you prevent future incidents after a breach?

Absolutely. Our expertise extends beyond containment. Once we’ve addressed the immediate breach, we provide personalised recommendations to fortify your cyber defences. We identify weak points in your system and guide you through implementing measures to prevent similar incidents in the future, enhancing your overall security posture.

What potential legal and regulatory pitfalls can you help us avoid?

Cyber breaches can lead to tricky legal and rule-related issues. Our service does more than just technical stuff. We help you handle the complicated rules you need to follow. This way, we make sure you’re less likely to face legal problems or fines because you’ll be following the law properly.

How do your services protect our company’s reputation?

Our services are designed not only to address the technical aspects of a breach but also to safeguard your company’s reputation. We swiftly contain the breach and guide you through the recovery process, ensuring that your operations are up and running again as soon as possible. By minimising downtime and demonstrating your commitment to addressing the situation, we help maintain a positive brand image even in the face of adversity.

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