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Cyber Security


Comprehensive assessments
with roadmap guidance



Future-proof with a plan

A security assessment helps you identify potential risks and vulnerabilities that can threaten your business. It provides a comprehensive view of your security landscape, including strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to allocate resources effectively, prioritise security investments, and make informed decisions about security risk management. It also helps you meet regulatory compliance requirements, protect against data breaches, and maintain the trust of customers and stakeholders. Overall, understanding your business’s security posture is crucial for maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical assets and operations.

  • Uncover your security posture to determine the way forward
  • Vulnerability scanning for risk remediation recommendations.
  • Prioritise security activities with expert help.
  • Get informed so your decisions are credible
  • Maintain customer and stakeholder trust and regulatory compliance
  • Receive a 3-5 year roadmap to determine your way forward


Receive top-quality service from certified and experienced security professionals with years of expertise.


Continuously enhance your security posture with detailed vulnerability reports, staying ahead of emerging threats.


Benefit from objective and impartial security evaluation to identify vulnerabilities and ensure effective controls.


Our experts identify and address network vulnerabilities, safeguarding your organisation from cyber threats.


Join Christophe Demoor, our Chief Information Security Officer, in an insightful video on the NSP 4A methodology. Learn how to integrate cybersecurity measures effectively, safeguarding your organisation’s digital assets and ensuring utmost protection. Explore a comprehensive approach tailored to your security needs.

Your Questions Answered

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What is a security assessment?

A security assessment is a test or evaluation of security measures to make sure they are working correctly and meeting the requirements to protect an information system or organisation. A security assessment offers valuable insights into the effectiveness of security controls and practices. It identifies weaknesses that may expose the organisation to cyber threats, data breaches, and regulatory issues. By understanding these risks, leaders can make informed decisions and allocate resources to address them.

What might a security assessment uncover?

An assessment may uncover outdated firewalls or unpatched systems that could lead to cyber attacks. By addressing these vulnerabilities, leaders can prevent data breaches and operational disruptions. Similarly, an assessment can reveal flaws in application security, such as insecure coding or weak access controls. Addressing these weaknesses reduces the risk of data and financial loss. Additionally, a security assessment ensures compliance with regulations and industry standards. By identifying compliance gaps and policy deficiencies, leaders can protect their reputation and maintain competitiveness.

What areas of security should be assessed?

  • Examine physical infrastructure security measures like access controls, surveillance systems, and environmental controls.
  • Analyse network infrastructure for vulnerabilities/unauthorised entry points, including firewalls, routers, switches, and wireless networks.
  • Evaluate application and software security, including coding errors, configuration weaknesses, and access controls, to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Analyse data encryption, backups, leakage prevention, and retention.
  • Evaluate security policy compliance including best practices, regulations, and user training.
  • Test resilience against manipulative attacks/social engineering. Test for sensitive information or unauthorised access.

How long does a security assessment typically take?

The duration of a security assessment varies based on the organisation’s size, complexity, and specific requirements. It can range from a few days to several weeks, considering the assessment scope. Factors like the organisation’s size, technology environment, and assessment type influence the assessment duration. Engaging with a qualified security professional at NSP can help determine the appropriate timeframe.

How can I prepare for a security assessment?

To prepare for a security assessment, start by documenting your security policies and procedures, ensuring they are up to date. Familiarise yourself with relevant compliance requirements and gather information about your IT infrastructure. Assess the effectiveness of your security controls and conduct regular vulnerability assessments. These steps will help you prepare effectively for the assessment and enhance your organisation’s security posture. Consider engaging a qualified security professional at NSP to ensure a thorough assessment.

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