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How do I choose the best managed services provider?

Your managed services provider (MSP) should be equipped to handle every demand of your business, such as implementing and maintaining key IT infrastructure and responding to technology, data security and network issues quickly. Further, they should be prepared to evolve and adapt as your business changes.
But if your MSP isn’t a good fit, you may end up spending money without getting value back. Or worse, you could be left with unexplained downtime, unhappy customers and damage to your reputation.
The good news is that you don’t have to look far to find a great managed services provider near you. In this guide, we’ll break down what you should look for to find the best MSP for you.


1. Your MSP should have reliable response times

Little is more frustrating than being directed to a call centre or left to sit in a long phone queue when you need skilled support to correct issues, answer questions or guide you through something.
Response time is a crucial consideration for anyone in need of an MSP. Look for a guaranteed response time and a promise that you’ll be put straight through to a highly-skilled engineer who can solve your issue on the first call.


2. Look for an MSP who offers transparency

You need to know that your systems are running smoothly, proactive work is being done and your money is well-invested. Visibility and transparency are an important signifier of a great managed services provider, because they show there’s nothing to hide and your provider operates with integrity.

An up-to-the-minute reporting platform from your MSP will help you see the latest information on support tickets, monitor your system performance and more.


3. Ask for 24/7 support

A great managed services provider offers round the clock monitoring and support for technical issues. You want your MSP to identify and address issues as they occur, without any disruption to your business. This takes the stress of system problems out of your hands and allows you to focus on what matters most to your business.

Your IT systems need to be operational 24/7, and so too does the support provided by your managed services provider. Here at NSP, our Virtual Engineer Automated System identifies and resolves issues as they happen, and provides in-depth reporting and notifications to keep you abreast of any events. Enjoy all the benefits of an engineer monitoring your systems 24/7, without the cost.



4. Your MSP should be proactive

Addressing problems as they occur is one thing — it’s another to proactively evolve your IT systems as your business develops or your industry landscape changes.

Too often, a business’ technology is updated to match the progress the business has already made. This leads organisations into an endless game of catch-up, where their systems inevitably come to slow their work down until they update once again.

Look for a managed services provider that thinks about your business’ goals and equips you with the IT solutions you need to drive your business forward.

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5. Avoid off-the-shelf solutions

Your industry is unique, and your business even more so. You don’t always need the same solutions as your competition — you need the solutions that match your organisational needs now and going forward.

A great managed services provider will consult with you to understand your business inside out and create a tailored solution.


6. Get the personal touch

Your initial consultation is important, but how do you know your MSP will continue to tailor services and products according to your business as it changes?

Proactive support is best enabled by a dedicated relationship manager, who checks in with your business regularly to review performance and health, discuss your technology roadmap and explore how new trends and technologies may influence your industry.

Look for a managed services provider who doesn’t just do tech. You need a team who delivers tech with a human touch — a genuine, invested spirit that works to keep your business ahead of the trend.



7. Find out what others have to say

All the promises in the world mean nothing if they haven’t been followed through. Keep an eye out for testimonials and case studies, especially from organisations in the same industry as you. Likewise, look for Google Reviews or even ask the managed services provider to put you in touch with one of their existing clients.

Proven customer satisfaction goes a long way. The best managed services providers aren’t just about great strategies, but delivering those strategies beyond implementation and into ongoing support.

Work with the leading managed services provider in Auckland

Not all managed services providers are built equal. If you’re wondering if you’re getting the most from your current provider, get in touch with the team at NSP about a free consultation and service comparison assessment and we’ll help you figure out if you’re paying too much.
Don’t have a current managed services provider? We’ll assess your current IT environment and answer any concerns or questions you may have about moving to an MSP partnership model.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

By Leigh Robinson | 25 November 2021
By Leigh Robinson | 25 November 2021

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