Security Services

Let us help you build a Cyber Threat Response Plan

Be prepared……

Cyber-attacks are a constantly changing threat, so you need to be prepared and act decisively when one strikes.

NSP has developed a Cyber Security Reponses Plan that ensures you have a plan to mitigate the impact to your business should you encounter a Cyber-attack, and identifies potential areas of concern, once resolved will strengthen your security position.

For a fixed fee and delivered within 10 working days we will present you with a tangible action plan to mitigate and manage a Cyber-attack.

You will receive an action plan that includes:

Company Security Risk

We will work with you to identify the impact of a potential malicious attack to your business and how this would affect your reputation, the integrity of your data, the security of your business and your customers should an attack occur.

Staff Security Risk

Initially we will investigate your security governance and safe usage policy incorporated into your Employment Agreements, including your cyber awareness program for employee induction. We will develop and document an escalation process, covering key person escalation, Call Tree notification, application priority recovery, and employee awareness assessment including an education plan.

Data Protection

The essential key to any potential remediation following an attack is the security of your data. We will investigate how this is stored and isolated to protect the integrity, certifying that all business critical data is included within the back-up schedule.