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Using Team Apps can heighten user experience

Apps let you do more in Teams. Think about the tools, files, and dashboards your organisation already uses. Many of them can be added right into Teams. And you can find new ones by going to Apps. Teams provides a number of first-party (Microsoft provided) and third-party apps to engage users, support productivity, and integrate commonly used business services into Teams.


A frequent favourite Team app is Polly, the simple survey and polling app that allows you to create multiple-choice questions and polls to gather feedback from colleagues, customers and prospects. If you can’t figure out which topics you want to cover in an upcoming meeting, simply create a Polly, poll the team and figure out your next steps.

Run a Polly during your team or customer meeting to gauge which direction the meeting should take or to vote on actions, all without disrupting the meeting flow.


Features include:

– Real-time responses to essential questions
– Multiple choice or freeform polls
– Get real-time analytics and insights


Search for anyone in your organisation based on what they’re working on, who they work with, and more. WHO allows you to ask questions and find info.

By Dawid Gericke | 19 May 2020
By Dawid Gericke | 19 May 2020

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